Sometimes your ideas are bigger than what your system can do.
Because of this, you probably wish there was a button you could click and magically it would all work, exactly as you want it to.As a result, maybe you’ve contacted support, then been surprised by the response that it can’t be done. And if you’re really committed, you’ve even submitted it into the cyber vortex of feature requests.Frustrating, isn’t it?

Yes, I’ve been there too.

That’s why I’m a full InfusionSoft convert (and raving fan). Because it’s CRM and marketing automation royalty, compared to other systems.
AND because it’s created a strong community of developers who build platforms that give you the keys to bring your ideas to life.

Which is why I want to let you have a peek at one of these platforms, right now.

It’s called PlusThis and it’s the ‘magic wand’ you’ve always wanted.

What does it does it do?

Gives you crazy good ‘magic powers’ to build marketing pathways like big name marketers (Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Rich Schefren sound familiar?).

Here’s a quick look at how some of our clients have asked us to mould PlusThis for them and how you can too:

  1. Show a different upsell page to customers, so they never see a sale for a product they already own.
  2. Follow them around your website and automatically put them in a campaign tailored to their interests/needs by the pages they visit
  3. Send text messages automatically. Especially effective for webinar or event reminders. (and it’s affordable)
  4. Create evergreen time sensitive offers, which means your customers feel scarcity and urgency to buy, no matter when they enter your campaign.
  5. Split test pages and emails to constantly upgrade your business and boost your results.
  6. Engage them deeper in your videos, because you’re following up individually based on how much they’ve watched.
  7. And tonnes of other cool uses, which are limited only by your creativity and innovation.

Now, given our experience with trying to do some of these ‘dreams’ before, this may sound like a headache.
But I have some good news for you:
PlusThis makes it incredibly simple by putting all of this at our fingertips with a few button clicks.

All we have to do is:

  1. Build your campaign with emails, timelines, notifications and data triggers
  2. Drop the elements you need onto your website
  3. Choose what you want to happen in PlusThis for each goal in your campaign
  4. Click a few options in PlusThis to set the rules for what happens when
  5. Hit ‘publish’

Yes, there will be a few specifications depending on how you want to customise your customer experience.
And, as you’ll see, it’s still intuitive enough for you to get it humming smoothly with a few clicks.

If you go to their homepage they’ll tell you “It makes InfusionSoft awesomer” .

In my opinion, they’re telling the truth.

And it’s $59USD a month, which puts a whole lot of automation power in your hands, for a tiny investment.

Now how do you get this kind of magic in your business?